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Residential Academy

The Residential Academy shall be the crowning glory of the entire developmental processes of SEPT. The finishing school that will hand pick 60 of the cream from the SEPT Elite talent pool, and endeavor a complete makeover of these prodigies into players of the highest standards of excellence.

The Residential Academy will induct 18 and 19 year olds who have completed formal education up to University level admission and will place them in this fully residential state of the art academy.

The academy is intended to be set up in the hill ranges of Kerala, and is meant to offer the ambiance required of an academy of international stature.

The structure of the Academy will be as follows:

  • 60 prodigies (80% from the underprivileged sections and communities) will be housed in a state of the art hostels with 2 boys to a room.

  • Each boy will be provided exclusive sleeping, studying and locker facilities.

  • Food will provided as per a nutritious and balanced sports diet programme, and will be prepared by chefs exclusively employed for this type of cuisine.

  • All items of clothing and toiletries of the highest quality will be provided on a need basis.

  • A stipend to meet out of pocket expenses will be allotted for each trainee.

  • Medical insurance coverage along with regular medical checks will be provided.

  • A doctor-on-call will be in place apart from in house nurses and masseurs

  • Training material and playing kits will be provided along with indoor teaching rooms.

  • In-house wardens will be stationed to ensure that all necessary facilities are provided.

  • Support staff for cleaning, mantainence and laundry will be on call

  • A team of full time coaching personnel and support staff will be in residence.

  • Recreation facilities. Indoor games facilities and screening rooms with audio visual facilities will be provided.

  • Additional cafeteria and restaurant facilities will be available.